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How I made 100.000€ in 10 months with 10 blogs

This is a sample from my book “How I made 100.000€ in 10 months with 10 blogs“.

A few years ago I went to Canada because I wanted to learn English so bad. I paid 10.000€ to join an intensive course in that country but it gave me much more insight than language knowledge.

I was working in a warehouse lifting boxes while studying and I asked for an unpaid leave to go abroad. Once there I realized that I wanted to live that way all my life. I didn’t have to worry about the money (for 6 months), I could go anywhere, speak a foreigner language and meet awesome people from all over the world.

After the half year was over I went home thinking how I could extend this kind of freedom as much as I wanted. And then it hit me. I can work online! But wait. Doing that I would still be dependent on some working hours… I started to look for my answer and I run into the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In simple words, SEO is having a website and make it rank organically on Google. Let’s try a simpler way to explain. When we search for something, we always click on the first 1, 2, 3 or 4 results tops. So these websites get all the traffic. Basically SEO is working the way up through that virtual podium.

This changed my vision on everything. If I was able to rank a website high enough on the Google rankings for certain searches and keep it on the first page, I could make money without working. And no, this wasn’t any kind of guru story trying to sell me smoke. It was actually happening.

The first thing I did was to read a lot to get more information about that SEO thing. I stumbled upon some blogs that were actually showing (with proof) how much money they were making. During several months I read all their posts, listen to podcasts, watch videos…

I got all the information I needed without paying anything. Which again, showed me how much money people spend on useless courses when they have our best friend Google.

Just because we have to pay something doesn’t mean it will give us results.

Back at that time, while studying and reading everything I could online, I was still lifting boxes. I decided then that it was time for me to try to make some money ranking my website on Google to see if this would give me the freedom I was looking for. Some people I knew got stuck with reading and not taking action and that was their loss. So I told myself I’d try it out with one or two websites.

The first thing I did was looking for a profitable niche. Or at least, one that didn’t have much competition even though if that meant not much profit. But what I was really looking for was for my first few bucks online to get inspired and motivated. I needed to show myself that I could do it.

I didn’t have anybody around me with that sort of experience of with who I could look up to. So I made the entrepreneur books and Podcasts about SEO my friends. The book 4 hour Workweek became my Bible.

I created a crappy website about a (not yet explored) technological gadget and a couple more to try out what I was learning on the net.

I decided to explain HOW I actually did it in the second chapter of my book. All the tools I used and what’s needed to replicate the results. Because it’s actually how I made my money. From 0 euros till five digits a month. And all just shadowing the results of my first site.

I asked for reducing my working hours at the warehouse and I increased the working hours at home. I started to write content in Spanish because I knew that these kind of websites weren’t a boom yet in my country.

I was working five afternoons a week, so I dedicated my free days to the website, and I woke up every morning very early to crush the key pad and read a bit about the part of the process I was on.

Every morning I would wake up, make my coffee with a Italian coffee maker, sit in front of my shitty laptop while everybody was sleeping and I would check if I had made more than 0€, before continue working.

This went on for a few months. I could say that I dedicated that summer to create articles and sites. Even though the counter was still 0 euros I didn’t despair.

The motivation of living that lifestyle I always wanted gave me the hunger I needed to hustle without expecting nothing less that success.

And the snowball began to roll.

One magical morning in the middle of September, I was taking my first sips of coffee when I checked the stats to see the expected zero income of the day. But then I saw 2 euros and some cents.

I started to jump around the room trying not to make noise and wake up the rest of the family members. Although of course when they did, the first thing I told them was like how I made my first money online. It was a feeling I never encountered before and that was the only thing I needed to keep going for as far as I needed to do so.

That September I ended up making 10€. The next month 50€. And like if I wasn’t enough fired up, November and December were golden. Black Friday and Christmas took care of business. Each of these month I made 200€ and 1.000€ respectively! I knew that due the commercial nature of that time that money was seasonal. I needed to act accordingly.

What did I do? After seeing those 1.000€ in December I decided to quit my job at the warehouse. I knew for sure that in January and February I would go back to just a few hundreds (which was already so much for doing it online!), but it gave me all the proof I needed to want to pursuit a career of this.

I could quit my job because I was already making money. Some hypocrites quit their job before they are actually making some money on the side first. They don’t want to create a business, they only want to make a cool life story.

That year after I quit my job, I isolated myself in an old family house. I couldn’t think about anything else than growing my business. And how did I plan on doing that? I’m not the best with number but for me the math lined up. If a website could make me 1000€ a month I would create 10 to make me 10.000€.

So I started to create websites till I reach a number I felt satisfied with and I knew I could handle. I looked for profitable niches and went for it. All following the same business model. I hired freelancers and I invested 80% of the money I got from the websites into growing faster the other new sites I was creating.

Little did I know that after only a couple of years I would end up making 5 digits a month. All profit.

I don’t know if it’s considered a skill, but due my middle class background, I can survive with very little and that played a huge roll on how I moved the money. Even though at that time I was living in that lonely but very quiet house, that was the perfect environment to apply myself on what was important for me at that time. My business, my company, my main goal. Location and finance independence.

Once the several sites were created I focused on being effective and efficient in every aspect of the work. I decided on which parts of sites I would focus on, and I would omit the details and pursuit of perfection. I installed Apps like Freedom on my laptop and phone and applied myself without room for procrastination (okay, once in a while I watched a kitten video).

Perfect is the enemy of the good, so I applied to my business the Pareto’s Principle. The famous 20/80 rule, which tell us that 80% of the result come from the 20% of the actions we take.

The first websites I created were the ones making the most money, and the new were growing fast. I didn’t spend time in Forums or interacting with other professionals. Yeah. I omitted all that Network gibberish and I just focused on working. I was enjoying my time although I knew that everything was for creating freedom when the time was right.

When I hit a minimum of 800€ a month two things happened. First I had to register myself as a company to finally start paying taxes. Yes this seems like a step that sucks, but actually I was quite exited about it. It meant that I was generating a constant income. The other thing was that… I started to travel!

I packed my things in a 10kg backpack and I went to visit and live to all the countries I always wanted to live in. Sweden, United States, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Thailand.

At that time instead of working my ass off I was working a more healthy amount of time. Around 4-6 hours were the ideal, that way I could spend the afternoon socializing, trying out new hobbies, learning languages and much more.

I stopped creating newer sites and focused on growing the ones that they were already ranking properly. Such was the success that checking out stats I realized I had hit a milestone of generating a net income 100.000€ in less than 10 months working less than 1h a week due its automatization. How I actually did it? Check out the book 🙂

  1. Hi Pau!

    Great story and I also know that feeling of the first sale you make. That is so amazing, like you found the holy grail haha.

    Managing 10 websites, that is quite something. Could you tell al little bit more about the type of website?

    Single product? Product category? Or health, relationships?

    Best, Pim

    • Thanks Pim! Any of the sites are single products, they all have several products but they are usually focused on one category. I agree than making the few bucks online can change absolutely everything! It was the only motivation I needed at that time.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this 🙂 I make money from blogging, but am interested in looking into affiliates, this post gave me just the push I need. Thanks and best of luck with your income!

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