in 🤕Brainfuck

It might seem I’m a huge narcissistic. If I wasn’t writing also about bad stuff that happens to me, somebody would say I’m a show off. The truth is that I’m documenting what happens on my life because like every human being I’m afraid of death. Huh? I’m afraid of leaving absolutely nothing behind. Not leaving something meaningful doesn’t takes my sleep, but I want to leave some proof that I’ve existed. Points of views, events, emotions… I don’t discard posting everything in a physical format some day, just so my relatives or grand-grand-children can read what I was up to.

With all the social networks we are all documenting our life. Users leave their highlights and points of views with pictures on Instagram or 140 characters on Twitter. I just happen to love better the process of writing it. On my “now” section I’m pretty specific. I even post my finances at the end of some months, who I want to vote or what I do think about whatever. I’m not afraid to share this, because what part of my privacy am I really discovering posting how much I paid for groceries? Plus, who really cares? People might read it our of curiosity, but I don’t think that if they know how much I spent in books last month will turn that against me. In addition it helps me review my life and the way I’m living.

It seems that only the famous people have the right to have a biography or to be published, with the current tools why not doing it myself? Some private stuff will never be posted here or anywhere of course. Still some stuff that I wouldn’t hide from strangers, it excites me to think that can still be read years and years after I’m gone. Even if it’s nothing global that a huge audience wants to read. Oh and I believe I also talked about how therapeutic is for me to write. That’s why when I had this huge crisis while traveling I ended up publishing a little book.

Coffee, WiFi, notepad, typing like a mad man… It’s a good ritual. Try it out.