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This is a sample from my book “I’mproving“.

Recompilation of stuff I sometimes encounter on the net that I think it makes sense.

If I ever have kids…

  • We will do Comfort Zone Crushes together at least once a month.
  • They will watch cartoons in a foreign language.
  • They will speak at least English and Catalan with me.
  • They will have a couple of 15 minutes habits every day. This will involve speaking a new language or playing an instrument. The intention is to show them the power of habit (The Slight Edge).
  • The “condom talk” will be more than that and it’s not going to be a taboo. If he is a boy I will teach him everything I know about RSD. If she is a girl how to look for real value.
  • I will explain them what real life superpowers are and how to dominate them.
  • I will transmit them the love for animals and people.
  • I will encourage them to fail at something every week. Sara Blakely (28:11) style.