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This is a sample from my book “I’mproving“.

Since I was a teen and totally conscious I liked women I had been know as the “pagafantas” (Fanta payer) of my group of friends. This nickname is commonly given in Spain for the “nice guy who has dates but instead of seducing the women inviting them to drinks”. There’s even a movie about that.

So basically women were initially interested in me, but after one date or more they would lose interest due a Beta Male behavior I was having, not knowing what the hell I was doing.

This pattern repeated itself for a good 10 years… Trust me, it sucks having sex on rare occasions and making out with chicks only when I was having a blast totally drunk in a club.

Why should I do Pick Up? Game yourself

Why? There’s online dating. Tinder is good. There are social circles if you know friends. You can always spam the hell out of related friends on Facebook… So why the hell would you want to do cold approach pick up? Well. Because you want to decide how you manage your life. Not doing pick up basically means that you end up expecting what life throws at you and then, you decide if you like it or not. Instead, if you take action, means that you can approach everybody you want and decide from your standards, not life and random ones. Does this make sense?

But one of the most important things for me is the sense of adventure. The butterflies, the goosebumps… People pay hundreds of euros for extreme sports like jumping from airplanes, cliffs or whatever. You can just go out on the street and approach the hottie who intimidates you that much. And sometimes you won’t do it because you will still be afraid after years of cold-approaching… AND THESE ARE THE GOOD NEWS! The fear will never go away, but you will learn how to manage it. You will always have that opportunity of going out on the street during daytime, and approach the cutie you like. Amazing!

I wasn’t confident at all when I was younger. In fact around my 14’s I hated myself. I was so damn ugly and I just wanted to die. But I discovered rock, going out, and challenge myself. That’s why my Bucket List. Slowly I created a sense of values.

All this sounds nice, but I know. That might not convince you, because in fact it convinced me after doing my first approaches. Hell. Once you tried this you never want to go back. Is like Viking’s Valhala door, or the red pill¬†(that’s why there’s a Reddit¬†with that name).

Of course Pick Up doesn’t depend 100% on you, since the women has 50% of the saying. But from all the cute and hot women you see on the streets, do you think that any of them wouldn’t be interested in you in the first 5 seconds?

First advice on pick up. Don’t be ugly haha. I would say that as long as you are a 5/10 good looking, you can make it. You dress yourself nicely, rocking a good outfit but also a nice hygiene and so forth, and¬†you can go for all women you want. But the looks is NOTHING. What you have to have is a good inner game. If you love yourself, you are confident and alpha, there’s nothing stopping you. Because no matter what happens you will be alright with the situation.

Summing up then, it’s all about personal growth. After some game in Croatia I met my first group of wingman friends, and I realized something. That we all shared the same mindset of wanting to become better. No only with women, but in any other aspect of our minds. Whatever we put our minds into. And funny thing, we were seeing women as tools to improve ourselves (always respecting them for sure). But the sex of kisses become bonuses. Little extras that reminded you that you were improving in that area, doing steps correctly and becoming better in your goals.

Game is not for everybody, but if you have a slight mindset of overcoming fears, setting goals and basically just crush it in life, then you should give it a whirl. I’m still scared, and I still love it.

Afraid to kiss. From fear to accomplishment

After writing about wanting to become a better male version of myself in my younger ears, I realized another important factor was to be considered. I always failed on going for the kiss with the woman I was interested in. That fear was the worst I ever experienced in my life and it ruined quite a few relationships because I didn’t take action due the fear and lack of confidence. Some girls showed some interest on me, we had a date or more and ended up dropping me because I didn’t grow a pair of balls.

Now I can say that going over this fear is one of the things I’m most proud of. Not because what represent kissing a girl, but because it was one of my biggest fears. I would say one of the biggest leaps in my life was to overcome this.

How couldn’t I kiss them? It was so obvious!

I want to write about all the times I fucked up (or the most remarkable ones). Because it will be fun look back at them but also as a reference. Pau don’t fuck up again in similar situations.

I guess at the end¬†I understood that the fear was coming from not wanting to be rejected. That seemed to be my most difficult struggle. In fact, all that time that I didn’t dare to go for the kiss even though it was so obvious,¬†I never got a rejection. I was kissing only when I knew 100% it was going to happen. Man, so many insecurities…

After that, I will narrate a few examples where finally I got several NO¬†and¬†I didn’t give a flying fuck. In fact I’m way more proud of those rejections than kissing a girl who was I knew for sure she was into it.

How I overcame the fear

Yes, I just went all in. I could read all I wanted, I could try all kinds of tricks but the only thing that worked was going all in. That means remembering the pain of regret is way worst than rejection, and now I can prove it. I have that reference because finally I was rejected! Why? Because I tried to kiss!

Growing a pair. One of the things I’m most proud of.

Fun with witty pick-up lines

I do this for personal growth, fun, adventure and entertainment. I can honestly say that the social dynamics of Pick Up have made me a better man. Confidence, self-trust and¬†ego diminishment are just a few of the inner changed I’ve been seeing in myself since I began to take action in mid 2017 at the¬†age of 25.

Why keep track of some Witty Pick Up Lines? The opener doesn’t matter. What you say doesn’t matter… True and not. Just because you say one thing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have said another thing instead and have the same result or reaction. The thing is that some lines I use they crack the girl up every time. I just love to see her giggling for a stupid witty pick up line.

This is for my own entertainment. I’d say 90% are in the back of my mind to keep the interaction fun and keep her engaged. They are usually lines on the right places upon the typical questions, statements or shit tests that girls give me(us).¬†I don’t go with any memorized script. I usually after this common stuff to make it more fun. The aim here should be always improvise.


I never open like “please react good”. Is more for setting a fun vibe for myself.

Daygame openers

I mostly open with honest statements. “I found you adorable“, “you are cute” and so on.

  • Hello. (…) is that random/awkward?
  • He is not coming.
  • Are you my [double] tinder date?
  • I’m looking for… (pointing and gazing the horizon)… your phone number:) I thought you were adorable.

Nightgame openers

Here I never use honest openers. I would never open a hot girl in the club with a “you are so cute“. She heard that 100 times in 1 hour that night.

  • That is not how this song is supposed to be danced (almost always they reply with a “show me how it’s danced then”).
  • This is my dancing area.
  • I’m a troll hunter. Are you a troll?
  • (w/ wingmans) I’m here to protect my friend from your friends pepper spray. You guys seem too dangerous.

During a conversation

There’s always several stages where usually certain topics can pop up. What I always try to do, and this is extremly vital for me, is trying to get out of my head and just fuck around. This is easier when I am already in a social momentum, and way harder when it’s your first opener.

  • Tinder. I always make reference to this social network. When they ask me what I am doing tonight I say how boring I am, how I will cuddle in blankets and swipe right everybody, for example. I also use it when they ask me how do I know my wingmen.
  • HADA. What she is doing, what she is saying, how she is looking/dressed, what we have in common.

Here are certain things than can pop up.

I have a boyfriend

I don’t care that much. I always keep talking and say some witty pick up line showing her I don’t care. I’m just talking to you because I appreciate your beauty and to¬†see if you are as cool as sexy. She says “…but I have a boyfriend“. I say:

  • Are you going to marry this guy?
  • Then you better introduce me. Maybe that way he can give me advice on how to get a cute girl like you.
  • It’s cool. Tell him I’m your gay friend who takes you shopping.


  • Is it because I’m ugly with no swag?
  • I know you hate me. I am X and Y and on top of that I’m wearing a Z.