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Things that I will never forget. Most of the moment I remember the most, are the ones when I had to overcome fears and insecurities. These are the ones on top of my head which played a huge roll in my life, and that I don’t want to forget.

Embracing the 3 seconds of fear

“Why can’t I be drunk in a nightclub instead of being in this beautiful park at a bright daylight?” I asked myself. I was almost puking butterflies, but I grew a pair of balls and I went for the kiss. To my surprise, she was ok with it.

Paying with all my savings and flew to Canada

A cold sweat run through armpits but I pressed “Pay” sending all my savings to a weird company. Apparently I was going to live in Canada for a few months. I guess the next day I had to tell that to my boss. Never was going to be the same after that.

Getting rejected and being ok with it

She was studying in a bench on a Romanian sunny day. She looked like Fiona from Shameless. We connected instantly. Chatted for a few hours and walked together on a slackline in the park. I went for the kiss. She had a boyfriend and rejected me. I smiled happier than ever because I realized I was totally ok with it.

Creating an online company from scratch

I didn’t travel anywhere the whole 2014. I lived alone in a 3 floor house working on my personal endless online company from 8 to 12 hours a day. That year I created the company that made accomplish all my financial goals. One of the things I’m most proud of.

Approaching women in Romania. Then going bald

I was losing hair, that was a fact. I blamed it on my genetics but decided to make it the best of it. “Ok Pau, you are in Romania. You will cold-approach your first 5 sets of women, ask for their numbers without looking like a creep and then you will totally shave your head and pierce your ears to remember this day”. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I ended up approaching ten.

Flew to New York with a stranger

We matched on Tinder in Sweden. We talked for a week and she told me that her friend was having a birthday party in New York. Oh, and she asked me to join. I never met her before but I told myself “why not”. The friend was actually having the birthday the same day as me (he was born the same year too). He had rented a freaking Limousine and we rode around New York for 3 hours. Four days later I was back in Sweden.

Staying only one night in Bangkok


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