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This list was called Bucket List, No Regrets List and other cool names. But after a few years I realized that this list has turned in some kind of tool to boost my ego up, so I renamed to Ego List.

Here are some nice things I did, true. But honestly I don’t feel that crossing off what is listed below would make me happier. On my homepage I decided to go simple. There I think about the stuff I think I would have really regretted it if the plane I was on would fall down.

Where IĀ lived

  • Live in a van on the road for several months
  • Live in New Zealand
  • Live in Canada (Vancouver, 2012)
  • Live in USA (San Diego, 2012)
  • Live in Sweden (VƤsterĆ„s & Uppsala, 2015, 2017, 2017)
  • Live inĀ Croatia (Zagreb, 2017)
  • Live inĀ Romania (Cluj-Napoca, 2017)
  • Live in Barcelona center (2017)

Things I had to do

  • Get a tattoo
  • Work/volunteer as a shepherd in New Zealand
  • Being in the place where Finland, Sweden and Norway meet
  • Snowboard and surf in the same day
  • Appear in a magazine / newspaper / radio without paying
  • Live in a cabin like Jack Kerouac in The Dharma Bums
  • Get at least 1 piercing (@lip, 2007 & @ears, Romania, 2015)
  • Be on YouTube homepage (2013)
  • 90 days without masturbating (notes – 2015)
  • One whole year without getting drunkĀ (notes – 2015-2017)
  • Shave my head (notes – Romania, 2017)
  • Live like a nomad for a while (notes – 2015, 2017, 2017)
  • Live with just a 10kg carry-on backpack (notes)

Financial goals

I accomplished all my financial goals! Here are my thoughts.

  • Being able to save 10.000ā‚¬ (2012)
  • Create my own company (2014)
  • Being location independent (2015)
  • Being financial independent (2015)
  • Build a xxx.xxxā‚¬ figures business (2015)
  • Build a business worth +1 million euros (10-2017)
  • Create a passive income from Forex tradingĀ (notes – 2017)
  • Make +100ā‚¬/day for several months from passive income (2017)
  • Make +1.000ā‚¬ in one day from passive income (11-2017)
  • Make +1.000ā‚¬ in 1 month from online income (12-2014)
  • Make +10.000ā‚¬ in 1 month from passive income (11-2017)
  • Make +20.000ā‚¬ in 1 month from passive income (12-2017)
  • Make 100.000ā‚¬ in less than 10 months (2017)
  • Consider myself one of the New Rich (notes – 2017)
  • Create a company in BulgariaĀ and settle it smoothly (notes – 2017)

Social dynamics

There are not enough social interactions one person can improve or have. It’s a never ending list and I feel like I stepped out of my comfort zone enough in that area. 2017 was a good year in that sense and met tons of people! I want to have fewer but better relations now šŸ™‚

When I feel the butterflies, thatĀ voice in the back of my head saying “what the hell are you doing?” and cold sweat running down my armpits… I imagine myself beingĀ 100 years old, dying on my bed but suddenly havingĀ the chance to comeĀ back toĀ this very moment. What would I do then?

  • Perform on stage as a singer in a rock concertĀ (Berri Txarrak, Sant SadurnĆ­, 2009)
  • Approach 1 stranger forĀ 1 week (12 days, Sweden, 2015)
1 day 1 stranger

I think I did around 12 strangers in 12 days with a couple of rejections. I asked them about passions, hobbies and pics šŸ˜€

  • Cold-approach a ā€œperfect 10ā€ during the day and get her number (Sweden 2017)
  • Not break eye contact with a stranger for a long period and approach her (Romania, 2017)
  • Cold-approach a girl who is with aĀ somebody else during the dayĀ (Romania, 2017)
  • Cold-approach a girl with her mother (Sitges beach, 2017)
  • Get rid of the “kissing fear”Ā and go for it if I feel like it (2015-2015)
  • Comfort zone crush 1. Lay on the floor in a public place (Zagreb, Croatia, 2017)

    lying down in zagreb

    I didn’t think so, but it was as scary as approaching…

Stunning places I’ve seen

  • Swim in Xkeken, Yucatan
  • Dive into Sawmill Sink, Bahamas
  • Walk through theĀ Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia
  • Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • See Rocky Mountains in Canada (2012)

Sport and healthĀ matter

  • Being able to dance Swing decently with somebody I haven’t met before
  • Start a contact sport (Krav Maga, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai…)
  • Do a muscle up (result)
  • Join a Crossfit box and give it all I got (notes – Uppsala, Sweden 2017)
  • Being able to see my abs
  • Squat 100kg
  • Bench press 80kg
  • Pass 80kg bodyweight
  • Try scuba diving
  • Try snowboarding
  • Handstand with wall holding +30seconds
  • Dance Swedish Bugg in Sweden with Swedish girls (notes)

Adventures IĀ experienced

  • Arrive at the airport and take a random flight
  • Seeing the northern lights while dog-sledding
  • Watch a boreal aurora in Yukon, Canada while heading to Alaska
  • Set food in Antarctica and high-five a penguin
  • Help out on a archaeological dig in Egypt
  • Help in a Global Warming documentary in Greenland
  • Being arrested
  • Being the only one dancing in public without alcohol
  • Recite my own writing in public drinking whiskey
  • Trek the Pacific Crest Trail like in the movie Wild
  • Jump from a cliff in a beautiful country
  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
  • Visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  • Get painted in the Holi Festival, India
  • Explore Hang Son Doong Cave, World’s Largest, Vietnam
  • Meditate in a Buddhist temple
  • Ride through Silk Road
  • Ride a horse in Mongolia
  • Ride a camel through the Sahara Desert
  • Ride an ostrich in South Africa
  • Drink calimocho during San Fermines in Pamplona, Spain
  • Drink a MaƟ in Oktoberfest, Germany (x3)

It was hard but not impossible

  • Become conversational in a fourth language (Swedish)
  • Get a university degree
  • Being interviewed for an accomplishment
  • Write a book to pass on generations
  • Give a TED talk
  • Pay for a water pit in a African town and being there while is being made
  • Have a revolutionary idea (and take action) for changing the world
  • Become fluent in a third language (English)

Master goals and settling down (at the end of all)

  • Build my own cottage-house
  • Have double nationality
  • Have a bird and a dog (Huskie, labrdor, chiwawa…)
  • Fall in love
  • Have a normal perfect day (like this)
  • Become theĀ best father I can possibly be (following this)

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