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After reading Fluent Forever I don’t believe most of the language courses out there take the best out of the time they have to teach you a language. As Gabriel says “You’re seventy-nine times more likely to talk about your mother than your niece”. I don’t understand then why we learn languages based on topics (family, colors…). So it’s all about being smart and study the vocabulary that you will actually use. That’s why knowing other languages has helped me to learn, because I think “okay new word. Have I used this word in another language lately?” if the answer is yes, I put it on the list to study, otherwise I skip to others.

  • Spaced Repetition. One of the keys to learn is to forget. For a few days at least. Then I learn it again and it sticks for a long time. Anything that wants to be memorized can be put in a digital deck, where Flashcards (that you create yourself) are shown. If it was easy for you to know what was in the other side of the card, it will take a while to appear again. If it was hard, then it will show up again on the same day or shortly after. The key thing is to do these Flashcards every day (expand concept). The most used program and the most famous one is Anki.
Anki Russian hours

The cool think about this software is that it also prepares statistics to see when you are more productive or how your work with flashcards is going. Thanks to that I can see that at 7am is when I’m more productive, and again in the afternoon, past 4pm.

  • Sentences Mining. Is basically memorizing sentences repeated over and over again, instead of just random words from a list. I used it for Russian and it worked out pretty well, although I cannot say how much since I was doing other stuff as well. In the case of Russian I bought Glossika, which they have also in other languages (expand concept).