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I could say that NoFap fucked me up real good. I cannot really tell if during that period I had more drive or not. Even though I created my company then, it’s not likely that not touching myself had anything to do with it. What’s for sure is that after more than several weeks not fapping, I didn’t last more than a few strokes with women I went to bed with at that time.

Exactly. If I’m not embarrassed to say so its because I found (my) solution already.

NoFap for 90 days it definitely strengthened my willpower, but I didn’t see any more benefits than that. Once I was in bed with a woman I managed to last as long as I could, which was unfortunately not much after the NoFap. Besides that, I could tell that the experience taught me well in terms of not touching my flute the whole day like a monkey, but more like being wise about it. Something I elaborate at the end.

I did NoFap for 90 days and it caused sex problem

I had no problem with no masturbation for more than 90 days. It was getting hard some days (pun intended), and others I hit some flat point where my dick wouldn’t get up. According to Reddit that was totally normal, and I was getting exited to read these people with these huge benefits whether it was in bed or in life. Benefits I never experienced.

Funny thing is that at day 90 I went to bed with company, and that poor girl who had taken a plane for visiting me couldn’t hold me inside for more than a couple of strokes. Hilarious how with this last line of writing I make it sound like it was her fault, but I take full responsibility. What’s true is that the orgasm that I had was something I cannot explain. It was like my soul got off my body and I watched myself “having sex”. My eyes rolled back and I saw the stars, God, Buddha, the Spaghetti Monster or whatever. I believe a tear felt on my cheek even. That would have been amazing if I had lasted more than 3 strokes with missionary style. It was so embarrassing for both of us. How the hell do you apologize after that?

But as time went on, when I went back to fapping I also noticed that I was getting less aroused with sexual stuff. Some days (even if I went back to masturbation) I didn’t have any desire to mate. At some point I decided to just Fap once a week, or twice, or once every two weeks, and did all kinds of experimentations. It didn’t help much. In fact with some sexual intercourses not only I had trouble for finishing fast but for keeping it up. Of course this was a huge (pun intended x2) red flag for me. Once in Romania I remember calculating that I had to masturbate 30 minutes before having sex, so I asked her to watch a movie and half an hour before I went to the bathroom to finish in a split of second. Lame I know.

I also did NoPorn (fapping and with NoFap)

After all the scientific studies that proved that porn was wrong in the brain, I didn’t watch porn for 1 year and a half, even if my fap habits where on and off. This made a lot of sense. Of course later on this didn’t help much when I was in bed with a woman because I was getting way too aroused.

My flatmate told me that even though he was in a huge NoFap period, he still watched porn sometimes. I thought it was torture but after thinking it for a while, it makes sense that you teach your brain not to get too exited with a real woman. People like me who lose their shit (in a good way) while naked under or over the sheets, we get too intense, and this can be our lost.

So how did I solve the whole thing? First of all I must say is a good thing that I went through all that, because I had to experiment with my body. What works for me might work the opposite way for other people, and that’s why we don’t have to be afraid to play a bit with ourselves. Or even talk about it openly. I just hope my family doesn’t read my blog.

I started to hang out with this beautiful girl. She was amazing and I really liked her. When I saw I couldn’t last as much as I liked to, I decided to research how to become better at that. I put solution and control over my body in only 5 days. The answer? Fapping and porn. Wow. The opposite I read on the internet :O The thing is that I have been doing it the right way, not like before.

Porn and Fap training. The answer I was looking for

Call me crazy and against the current, but I believe that fapping and porn have their place if doing it right. Yes, both saved me for that problem. The thing is that I did it the wrong way. I took masturbating as a pleasure tool instead of a training tool. I grabbed my friend, shacked it off for a bit and finish. Same with porn. I started to click, and advance videos, skip to more exiting ones and watch several videos in a session.

So what’s the right way? Don’t hate me. That’s an over 1200 word article for a 100 words answer. Sorry about that but I needed to explain first. So here’s what I did to last longer after discovering the “NoFap for 90 days” and all its cult covered my eyesight with cum.

  • Fapping. Sessions between 20-30 minutes only finishing at the end of the session. If hitting a point of no return, then whatever it’s being doing it has to stop in order to cold down. If I cannot find a quiet time for myself for doing the session, I don’t even start.
  • Porn. With the Fap session I have to watch a single video. So what I do is picking one between 20 and 30 minutes. If it’s shorter no worries, I will go back to minute 5 after a while for example.
  • Explore. While grabbing the “friend down there”, check myself out for how I am feeling and how my body is positioned. What got me aroused way faster was actually my body language. I was hyper tense the whole time. My pelvic muscles where flexed as well as the PC muscles. With just a few sessions I discovered that relaxing that and applying it in the bed with company I could control how much I lasted. This helped me way more than doing Kegel exercises.

All this makes a lot of sense and it worked charms for me. The thing is to reproduce a sexual interaction but alone. When I want to finish I just press my muscles that I was pressing before and then it takes a few minutes, but also, the orgasms are much stronger.

As always, this is just an experiment on my Lab. The results that I obtained are what worked for me. If I have a Lab section is precisely for that, because I believe everybody should test themselves in stuff they don’t know about or they want to improve.