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Considering myself a global citizen, digital nomad, flashpacker and whatever cool tags I want to throw at myself, it was about time that somebody introduced me an app like this. Revolut is worth a place on my resources page, and no, they don’t have an affiliate program. I’ve asked 🙂 So I’m writing because this is too good to miss out!

I’m from Barcelona, I have an online company registered in Bulgaria, I end up (I don’t know why) dating only foreigner girls and I have friends all over the world. So that means every month making international payments. It can be to my Swedish school, to my Bulgarian accountants, purchasing cheap flights with Kiwi… But is never cool when PayPal or the debit card company takes a little fee every time I pay or withdraw money. I needed the app Revolut for avoiding fees from by bank.

One random guy from a Facebook group I joined, recommended me it. I don’t remember that persons name or why he wrote to me, but gosh I’m glad he did! The app is simple as hell to use, I can top-up money instantly with no fees and make international payments right away! To this day I genuinely don’t find any bad side.


Sometimes a payment is declined. But there’s always a workaround! I topped-up my account and made the payment with no problem 😀

I paid also the rents of several countries while my (various) banks wanted to charge me over 30€ for each transfer. So yes, at the end of the year I could say I saved hundred of euros thanks to Revolut. In fact one of the problems of my 2017 was that I was paying too much in taxes and fees, so this app mitigates this problem extremely well.

Sometimes a payment can be denied by the merchant. That is no problem. Revolut simply says that the process can be made and I just use another card, but most of the time I can use the Revolut own card. Which by the way can be purchased physically for just 9€ or so.

Best rates on currency exchanges

Is not a surprise that The Guardian wrote about it. That article will expand on that, but from my side I’m just going to state how their currency exchanges are better than any bank. Basically because they have no hidden fees, because they use the real exchange rate. So once the transfer, top-up or payment is made there’s no fees waiting around the corner. There’s a reason why Revolut is getting bigger only by word to mouth.

The support has been great so far

One day I saw a payment I wasn’t expecting. I think from one of the merchants who rejected the card number. But this happened only once and I was trying to pay a book, so it was less than 10 euros I believe. I decided to ask the support what was that about, because I didn’t know who I should contact first. Again, simplicity was the key. I just headed to the Chat support which is very visible, and even though there was a message saying they were a high amount of request, they replied after just a few minutes.


Actually in the Wikipedia article about Revolut, it says how they have around 15 employees. Which for an app sounds already like a lot of people (for me). So I was actually surprised on the speed of the reply.

If they don’t charge fees… How do they make money?

How such awesome features can be free for the user, right? Well there’s no catch. As they explained me at the moment, Revolut’s revenue comes from the fee charged to merchants by MasterCard©. This fee is paid by merchants to MasterCard© in order to process their payment, and Revolut takes a percentage each time a RevolutCard is used.

Revolut will be adding additional revenue streams within the next 6 months, including subscription-based business accounts targeted at helping companies manage international payments and corporate travel.

They have a pretty extended FAQ page, where all the questions can be answered or expanded. I highly recommended Revolut, and in fact, if you are reading this is because I still do.


Still using it and going strong. I think the Revolut team has big things in mind.

And they seemed to like this post 🙂