in 🤕Brainfuck

As many others of my writings, I will try to answer myself here. After retiring and not needing to work anymore, I found myself struggling with lots of stress. I figured then that I needed a purpose, to dedicate my life into something. Something similar to a real job. So here I go. The following questions will be slowly answered by me. Then I will test if that is what I really want, and then if after trying it out I see is not for me, answer again and try again. Let’s hope after one try is enough…

Answering questions

What did I wanted to be as a child? Shepherd. I remember having two little bunnies and I learned how to whistle with my fingers because I wanted to have goats. Hell, I still want them! Thanks Heidi.

Who am I jealous of? Honestly I don’t feel like having the life of anybody else than me. Everybody wants to become the most successful person on the world or the most stress-free person. I don’t want any of the two. I want the perfect combination of those. Having success in my goals but not being famous or rich. I want a simple life that still provides me with challenges.

How does my ideal life look like? This is how my perfect day looks like.

What do I daydream about? In the past I felt less of a man for admitting this, but I always imagined myself next to an awesome girlfriend. Somebody who I can tease, poke, make fun of… Who drives me crazy in a lovely way. Oh, and attractive and foreigner 😀 Together we would going traveling, making creative projects and grow, although still respecting our independence, jobs and social circles. I won’t settle for less than I deserve.

What would I rather be doing right now? I like writing this nonsense.

What gets me exited/intense/passionate? Hearing people talking in a foreigner language. If they are Swedish I talk to them for example. I always wonder where they are from or what language they are talking.

Talking about success, passions and the pursuit of goals.

When I see something I’ve been writing published.

When I’m able to start mumbling something in a language I’ve been studying for a while.

When I get into a flow state, what am I doing? Writing. Memorizing words. Speaking about something that thrills me.

When I read through a list of courses, to which one do I gravitate towards? Communication, languages, information…

If money and time weren’t a thing, what would I do? Every year I’d join a new university in a new country to learn a new language and make new strong relationships there.

When chatting with friends I always wish to talk about… Passions, learning, hacks, life experiences. Also nonsense, silly jokes and bullshiting 🙂

What give me goosebumps is… Hearing real-mystery stories. Like where the Cleopatra tomb could be, or how they found this little Bunker in Belgrade in 2008… I wish I could explore all that.

Thinking about myself

  • I love to do a product itself, but when it’s done I just don’t want to touch it anymore. That’s why I think that websites / videos / books are a good idea.