in 🤕Brainfuck

On November of 2017 I realized I accomplished all my financial goals, at two weeks away of turning 26 years old. I might include new ones in the near future, depending of what oportunities I see. But it has been a ride so far, and even though I’ve always been the worst with numbers, keeping track of all that has been so much fun and interesting for me.

The cool thing is that I documented most of year in my annual report, so I could see how I spent my months. It’s awesome to see how month by month you keep improving bits by bits.

Reaching a “New Rich” status

The “New Rich” are those who have more money than the rest but at the same time not enough for buying super luxurious things like Ferraris or mansions. So why do we include “rich” in that name? Well, because the millennials realized that the most valuable currency is not money, is TIME. But guess what, in todays society we cannot enjoy our time as much if we don’t have a certain income, right? Here’s the irony. To make money you need to spend time (to work), and then we realize we have money but not time, because we are busy in our jobs.

The “New Rich” aim for having more time and generating income from a (semi)passive way. And that has been my goal since I read the The 4 hour Workweek. After a couple of years working my ass off, waking up at 5-6 and spending the day inside, I can say that I can be included in this category. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I hope I can mantain this lifestyle for so much time.

Let’s talk numbers

I was born near Barcelona, Spain. As a reference, the minimum wage there is around 650€ (up and down every year). A normal and acceptable salary is between 1.000€ – 1.500€ a month. In the most expensive countries in the world, the minimum wage will be around those numbers and have a salary of around 2.000€/month or even more.

I did 5 digits for serveral months. More than I ever asked for. Some days I didn’t do any business activity and some other days I worked 30 minutes or 1 hour. A dream come true. And the irony is that it was tougher than I thought. Being free is not as easy as it sounds. Somebody said that we always have problems, but of course is better to have the trouble of figuring out how to pay less taxes than to struggling to get food.