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The next World War might happen because of water

I’m sure that before dying I die we are going to encounter another World War where the main focus for fighting will be water.

There’s no secret that we are destroying the Earth at a pace that we cannot keep for long. Pollution and trash cause the murdering of animals and vegetation, but also creates a warm climate that is even more deathly and generates lack of water.

Only around 1-2% of the water of our planet is drinkable, and in the meantime we are using 5-8 liters of clean water per flush in our toilets. We could have systems for re-using gray waters implemented in every home, but we are smart like that and we are flushing our shit with pure water.

20/80 rule in saving water

Let’s think about what if, instead of trying to save the world all at once, we could focus first on the countries that are more determinant in a scenario where water give us life (oh wait, that’s for real).

Brazil is on the top list for sure. Only the Amazonas State brings 175 thousand of water per second to the Atlantic. This means the 20% of the water volume worldwide. Without mentioning all the species of animals and insects living in that area. Unfortunately 18 millions of square meters are extracted every year in form of wood, so the Amazonas is the focus of corporate interests.

It takes around 2 liters of water to make 1 liter of Coca Cola. Let’s guess where this company is stealing water from. Exactly. Brazil. But what if this kind of drinks were just forbidden? We would be able to live without it? I’m going to take a wild yes and say yes. Only with this act, after all the sodas sold in the world every minutes we could save the double amount of water.

The same happens with some Nordic countries like Scandinavia or Canada. These countries together have more lakes than all the other countries in the world combined have, so in my hypothetical war, I’m sure that this peaceful countries will have to face some serious shit. Russia is not left out neither.