in 💊 Pills of my life

My perfect day

On my perfect day I wake up between 6 and 7. She mumbles something in her native language. I understand because I studied her mother tongue as my forth or fifth language. She jokes or pretends to be pissed. Then she asks herself out loud why she is with a guy who wakes up that early. “With this bod I could be with anybody who likes to sleep in” says in English. I reply with a sarcastic witty joke in Catalan. She understands but says nothing because she is asleep again.

I head to the meditation chair. There I keep my mind shut for a few minutes till the three-legged dog comes for some cuddles. I stand up, make some coffee and I pour some milk I got from my own goat or the local market. I begin working on the laptop.

I have had my own online business for a few years now and I love it. My income is more than 3.000€/month but nobody who doesn’t know me wouldn’t guess. I live pretty simple, I have just a few but high quality clothes, and my ego is nearly non-existent. My self-esteem and confidence fuels me and I can stay quiet about it.

While I create the new content of the day, I enjoy my drink and play some music without vocals. I get a bit crazy sometimes with my dances. Thankfully nobody sees me since I have no neighbors.

I live in a wood house. The place is cosy and it has super cool structures and tricks to take advantage of the space. Kinda like lego. It’s near the mountain and the ocean. I can go to those places walking or taking the bike. It’s possible that the place might be “portable”. Perhaps a van.

After around 3-4 hours of online work, she tries to scare the crap out of me from behind. I bite every damn time. I don’t complain because she walks around with those shorts I love, so I decide it’s a good moment to take a little pause.

One of us cooks a vegetarian/vegan meal. High dense in fats and protein but low in carbs. We spend more money in quality foods than most people, but we think it’s totally worth it.

After eating, my “siesta” habit kicks in. I go to bed for 20 minutes and I wake up with a face looking like I slept 6 hours. It’s between 1-3pm. I do a bit of language learning. I make another coffee and I work my last 2 hours before enjoying a long afternoon.

Usually I spend the rest of the my perfect day with more variation. Socializing with friends, working on personal projects, playing drums, dancing, learning languages, going for a hike, writing, working out, visualizing, riding the bike, beach… Leaving some room for spontaneity.

I’m home around 9. I’m with her again. We joke and talk about our day while we cook together. We eat while watching a movie or TV show. After that I relax a bit with her and then I head to my desk. I write about personal stuff, fantasize about new projects or organize tomorrow’s afternoon activities. Then I head to the meditation chair. I rest my mind or visualize for a while. I head to bed exited to wake up tomorrow.