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12 new hobbies in 12 months

List of all the hobbies I always wanted to try or the ones I already tested. With my thoughts of course.

12 new hobbies in 12 months

During the course of 2017 I will be trying 12 different hobbies.

  1. Crossfit (November, notes)
  2. Salsa (December, notes)
  3. Sculpture (January, notes)
  4. Yoga (January, notes)
  5. Dancing: Lindy Hop & Hip Hop (February, notes)
  6. Writing (March, notes)
  7. Languages learning (April, notes)
  8. Horse Riding (May, notes)

Ideas for futures hobbies to try out: Public speaking, painting, playing an instrument, climbing, acro yoga, canyoning, martial arts, scrambling…


Nothing more expressive than art itself right? Well the end result will never be the same compared to others but with yourself neither. Is not pure creativity because you might want to copy something and not just create it out of your imagination.


The class was super fun. It lasted 2’5 hours and it went so fast. I tried to copied in clay a Venus body statue but smaller. The result was way better than I expected to be my first class. Also doing that was kinda sensual, touching the clay with my fingers to represent the breast or other parts 😀 But what I liked most was the process itself. Very slowly, with patience. Something that I always have to work on.

After a few classes I decided to drop it. As an experiment I really enjoyed it, but after a bit I was getting all stressed out and so on. I might try it out again in the future but we shall see, since there were so much to try out still.
– Barcelona, Spain – January 2017



I don’t want to kill myself in the shower, but whenever I am changing I always plug some music and move my body like there’s no tomorrow. With rock I imagine I’m a damn Rock Star in the stage, in jazz I imagine I’m a beat. That’s what I thought about trying out hobbies to canalize a bit this expressiveness.

Swing. Lindy Hop

I first gave it a whirl when I was registering my company in Bulgaria and I decided to join something social. My body was as stiff as a rock but when I got the first kick-steps my mood begun to settle in a more quiet state of mind. The Bulgarians I had as partners were such a sweetheart, translating for me and with their skirts and petite bodies 🙂 I regretted not being able to join more but I promised myself I’d settle somewhere and get better at this. After I went back to Barcelona I joined Swing Maniacs for some beginner classes. Every class was getting harder but super fun! I decided to stick with it in the long run.
– Sofia, Bulgaria – January 2017
– Barcelona, Spain – 2017

Hip Hop

One of the most ego-destroying activities I could do. I joined a class and it was fun but so damn challenging. Honestly you feel about others judging you and so forth, but you end up getting rid of that mentality. The people were super nice, we applauded each other and cheered when half of the class sit and the other was dancing. Lots of attractive girls as well. But I decided I didn’t like it as much as Swing for example, so as experience was surely good to try out.
– Barcelona, Spain – January 2017


I tried it out for a month in my hometown. It was definitely fun, specially when you start to get the movements. The bad thing is that I really don’t enjoy the music, do its hard to feel the dance at a same level
– Hometown, Spain – December 2017


My first experience moving my body with a partner was absolutely fantastic. It really got me out of the comfort zone and I still remember how stiff my body was. I ended up learning about 12 movements and even thought I still looked like a penguin on dry ice I thought it was so much fun. It was one of the things I miss the most about Sweden.
– Västerås, Sweden – End of 2015 and beginning 2017

Sport, fitness and movement

A bit of movement is always good…

Horse riding

I didn’t practice horse riding since I was a little kid. It was like doing it for the first time and I loved every moment of it. The instructor from the school Club Hipic Maset Dels Cavalls was just great at explaining, and very chill. Well, with that job no wonders.

The price was 50€ for two people. I went with my flatmate at that time Salla, and they took us for some riding outside. Salla already had experience so she was missing a bit more of speed, but for a first contact it was great for me. Apollo behaved and stopped to eat a bit, but hell I want to repeat. If it just wasn’t that expensive… I also made me want to have my own donkey. It made me miss the contact with animals even more 🙂
– Around Barcelona, Spain – May 2017


After one class I woke up the next day with muscle pain. Something I definitely didn’t count on. It was very challenging for sure but at the same time, after the 1 hour class I felt super quiet in my mind. One of the other things about Yoga is that it got so popular that you can find a center in almost any corner. Just walking 20 minutes I counted three different centers with similar prices.
– Barcelona, Spain – January 2017


Since 2009 I’ve been doing weightlifting or some different variant. The thing is, that around internet all the bodybuilders and so on were shitting on the crossfiters. They were making fun of the workouts and so on.

I met a girl from UK in Barcelona and she told me how fan she was from Crossfit. I asked here why everybody was hatting on it online, and she told me that people just don’t understand it. That you have to try it out first before. And it makes sense.

The first time I tried Crossfit was in Västerås (Sweden). It was just one workout and I just couldn’t. Not only I couldn’t keep up with it, but I also was the weakest, with the less cardio and the one who almost die at the end of it.

I forgot about it, but then I met Ioanna online. She is also a digital nomad and on her blog she writes how when traveling her way of socializing and meeting people is going from box to box (Crossfit gyms are called “box” because they are typically located on warehouses areas due it’s nature).

After training for around 6 months in my garage doing fullbody workouts and 5 years of weightlifting before I was tired of it. By the time, at the end of the summer of 2017 some video suggestions started to pop on my YouTube account. It was the famous Rich Froning video winning the title of fittest man on Earth in 2013. Also my childhood friend Marçal was opening his box on my hometown. Seemed like everything was pointing in that direction for me.

I was moving to Sweden that same October and I was getting already super motivated to challenge myself into do something like that. I even bought myself the training shoes Nike Metcon 2 before I joined the box in Sweden. Why? Because I knew that an initial investment would make me put the time after putting the money.

When I travel somewhere for a mid, long term or I just want to check around the area, I always check the following: Official Crossfit Maps. It shows you all the affiliate gyms under the Crossfit name.

I’d say the most exiting accomplishment thanks to Crossfit was performing a Muscle Up.

I practiced for a couple of weeks in low rings. After each WOD I stayed a bit longer and did a bit of progression. I believe there were some little muscle I never touched before till I start doing escalated Muscle Up. But I noticed the most important part was the grip. And of course to transfer this to the normal MU also the automatization of the movement, that I acquired on the low rings.

With kipping on the rings 7-12-16. After that I did an emot where in every set I tried to do less and less kipping, so the last set (on the video) came with no hip movement almost! After that doing the Muscle Up that way became fairly easy and without much thought.


I believe that what it’s done with the brain can also be a hobby. Not everything has to do with the physical movement of your hands and body.

Language learning

On process.