My name is just Pau. Pronounced by making a 🔫 sound “Pau-Pau!”

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Current enterprises

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💻 niche websites several millions of organic searches per year 🇪🇸🇫🇷🇧🇷🇮🇹🇩🇪
🕺🏻 lifestyle blog +1.000 visits/day + 5 clients/affiliates 🇪🇸
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📹 video courses +200 students 🇪🇸
✏ text translations 2 clients 🇸🇪
🗣 language learning programs 100 per video 🌍🇬🇧

Me in 1 minute

Rather big nose and so is my heart❤
Anti-drama and fluently sarcastic

I like: being hilarious, tiny houses with space hacks, minimalism, sarcasm, pretending I open automatic doors with my superpowers, cutting watermelon, creating websites and SEO the crap out of them, squeezing pet’s paws, outdoor without mosquitoes, working from my laptop, Icelanders accent speaking English, smelling and reading books, vans (both the shoes and the vehicles), not spending money, disabled animals, organization and tidiness, the Swedish and sign language, coffee with oat milk, delicious vegetarian dishes that somebody else cooked for me, pens and notebooks, cinema or movie nights with good company, humble and simple fellas, train rides where I look through the window thinking about life, empty beaches, summer pool bath nights, feeling like I’ve been productive, studying languages…

I don’t like: drama, crowds, planes, horror movies, heights, nightclubs, that our toilets use potable water to flush our shits when only 1-2% of the planet’s water is drinkable…

What do I look forward to?

My life is a constant battle of two sides in continuous conflict.

I love routines. I feel complete if my days look exactly the same, as long as they are filled with improvement. Usually this involves learning languages or writing. Yes. I’m an old man trapped in a young Spaniard body with a bit of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

I fantasize about faraway lands. I long the North. I want to see northern lights in Greenland, feel the wind in Alaska, explore an Asian monastery in ruins, have a bath at sunrise in a forgotten beach in Oceania and high-five a penguin in Antarctica.

But these two opposite-looking sides have something in common. The tranquility seeking. Avoidance of crowds, toxic relationships and pursuit of daily improvement.

What do I want?

Some day, after traveling a lot and accomplishing my longest goals, I’ll build my cottage or refurbish a van. Made out of wood, taking advantage of small spaceswith tricks and hacks.

The place will be in front of the sea and behind the mountain. It won’t be in the city but it will be near enough to go by bike.

The alarm will be always a reason to wake up and see the sunrise, while making coffee and preparing the online work of the day.

Hobbies and spontaneous trips will take care of the afternoons and life will be simple, yet challenging in ways that will make me grown daily.

When I get old the kids around will visit me with their pirate hats and wood swords and will say “old Pau, old Pau, tell us one of your adventures”, and I’ll tell them petting my 3-legged-blind-dog on my lap.

I guess I expand a bit more when I talk about my perfect day.

Before dying I will…

At first I had this huge Ego List of cool stuff I’ve done or I wanted to do. Then I realized it was just to boost myself up. Thing that really didn’t make any difference in my life, so I decided to cut it down to the following.

  • Find an expressive passion to pour my soul into
  • Dig a water-pit in an African town
  • Give an inspiring speech to a large audience
  • Climb a mountain for several days
  • Explore an ancient history masterpiece
  • See northern lights
  • Write a novel
  • Live in a van for a while
  • Fall in love
  • Learn the foreigner language that my wife and children will speak
  • Build my own wooden cottage
  • Have a three legged dog as a companion

My values

I commit to this way of life. A state of mind. A being.

I’m free. I’m free from outcome, external factors and unwanted vibes. Time is my most valuable currency and I spend it wisely. Everybody is worried about being liked by others but me I’m free from externalities and validation. People have as much power as I give them. I monopolize my emotions.

I’m confident. I trust myself because when I say I’m going to do something I do it. I believe I am enough and complete because I’m self-made. Ego has fleed from my life. I take notes and criticism to improve but what defines me is my inner-self.

I have a great time. Everything I do is for enjoying the journey. I know that the more resistent paths are also made for having fun. The process is as exiting as the result, which is indifferent as long as I have a blast.

I take the right action. I embrace the fear. I control it and dominate it knowing it is there. I see you fear but I’m brave. Butterflies in my chest is a sensation that reminds me that I am alive. The regrets are diminished by the actions I take. Proper actions. I do what I have to do without hesitation.

I’m persistent. To get where I want to be I take care of my daily routines. Every drop counts to build myself. I know this is a skill and I continuously work on keeping my habits healthy. I do things twice or more times when necessary.

I come from abundance. I have a lot to choose from because I control my life. Abundance gives me reference experiences. It makes me needless. I learn from everything that happens to me and I see it with a positive mindset.

I offer value. I give instead of taking. I listen carefully and then contribute. I offer value by content and also with my vibe. I love sarcasm, humor and speak positively. I offer emotions, experiences and adventure.

I’m judgeless. The others and also myself are free from being judged. Their life story are unknown and whatever happens my head is clear from overanalizing myself or others.

I’m grateful. I am in a better position than a lot of people and I’m grateful for that. I do what I do without expecting anything in return.

I have integrity. I respond to myself and this manifesto. These 10 principles of life are my base for everything I do.

What I tell myself when I’m sad

  • Build a digital company from scratch that currently works passively for me
  • Taught myself several languages, web coding, digital marketing and more
  • Lived in several countries for several months working from my laptop
  • Lived off a 10kg backpack for a while not needing anything else
  • Flew from Europe to Thailand, slept one single night in Bangkok and went back to Europe because I didn’t like it
  • Realized that after years of moving around, traveling wasn’t my identity and I wanted to stay put in one place for longer time
  • Didn’t Fap for more than 90 days
  • Didn’t get drunk for more than a year
  • Scariest moments of my life were asking out women I liked on the street
  • Years ago I went vegetarian to impress a Croatian girl, later I realized that it made a lot of sense to not eat meat

Legit opinions about me

“One hell of a guy”
– New York Times

“You’d be crazy not to date him”
– Anna Nyström. Swedish fitness blogger

“The most interesting man I know”
– Tim Ferriss. Author of The 4 hour Workweek

“He is very smart, handsome and kind”
– Mom